About Summit Brick

Summit Brick Company and Summit Brick will be going through some branding clarification over the next few months in order to consolidate our branding and have a clear company brand. All future branding will be under Summit Brick Company. We are very proud of our 115-year history and look forward to the many years of success to come!


Summit Pressed Brick & Tile History

“Gold fever” struck Joseph Welte at age 22. Born in 1866 in Iowa, he had grown up working on farms and at a brickyard. With mining claims in Cripple Creek, CO and Alaska along the Yukon River, he was determined to find his riches. Finally realizing that neither area was going to provide his fortune, he moved on to Phoenix, AZ, where he began to recoup his losses by managing a brick plant. His preference for milder weather took him back to Pueblo, CO. In 1902, he founded his own company – Summit Pressed Brick & Tile Company.

His son, Ralph Welte, dedicated over sixty years of his life to the company. During his years at Summit Pressed Brick & Tile Company, he continued to expand the business with improvements in both manufacturing and marketing. Summit Pressed Brick was one of the first brick companies to market their products outside the traditional local selling market. Ralph’s wife, Frances Welte, contributed to the company by being one of the nation’s premier collectors of brick.  She started a brick museum at Summit Pressed Brick’s headquarters. His sons, Joe and Tom took over day to day operations of the company in the early 1980s and continue to help run the company today. Summit Brick Company is still a family owned and operated company, continuing now into the fourth generation.


Summit Brick Company – Changes Over the Years


The dry press method of making brick replaced the hand-molded mud brick. The dry press brick were fired in scove kilns (rectangular kilns without tops).


The stiff mud process replaced the dry pressed method. Beehive kilns (down draft round kilns) replaced the scove kilns.


Summit Brick’s Pueblo plant became the second industrial plant in Colorado to use natural gas. Summit Brick still uses natural gas as its primary fuel.


Summit Brick purchased the Lakewood Brick and Tile Co. in Lakewood, CO. This plant is still in operation.


The Pueblo plant installed an entire new machining line which included grinding, screening and manufacturing equipment.


The Lakewood plant installs continuous tunnel kiln.


The Pueblo plant adds three new buildings with new machinery installed throughout.


The Pueblo plant installed automatic handling machinery that stacked the brick on the kiln cars and strapped the bundles with steel bands.


Summit Brick’s new headquarters building and showroom was completed featuring passive solar heat, two Russian fireplaces and 5700 square feet for showroom and office space.


Summit Brick expands its product line to include manufactured stone veneer and other masonry resale products.


Summit celebrates its 100-Year Anniversary and updates the kilns with new, more efficient burners and a pulse-fire system.

Summit begins participation in OSHA’s Safety Health Awareness Recognition Program (SHARP) program and has been certified for the past 15 years in this program.


Summit Brick expands its product line to include cast and natural stone veneer.

Summit Brick builds a new showroom in Lakewood, CO and combines with Lakewood Brick & Tile to form Summit Brick Company.


Summit Brick Company installs cutting saws to expand their thin brick line.


Summit Brick Company purchases Summit Brick’s Tucson location and begins direct sales operations in Arizona.


Summit Brick Company purchases Summit Brick’s Phoenix location.


About Summit Brick

Summit Brick is proud of its origin by the Campbell family in 1917. Prior to forming Summit Brick in 1917, the family produced brick on-site for construction projects they were building to save time and resources. Our founding business philosophy remains set in mortar almost 100 years later: “Be the best in the marketplace by providing the construction community with the highest quantity selection and quality brick products and services.” Today, Phoenix Brick maintains life-long relationships with developers, masons, architects, contractors and homeowners.

Summit Brick is proud to have provided quality brick products to hundreds of the most beautiful masonry projects in the southwest that include: Arizona State University, University of Arizona, Northern Arizona University, Raintree Office Complex, Arizona Historical Society, US Airways Center, The Chateau on Central, and hundreds more. In regards to industry involvement, the Campbell family has been known as “brick pioneers” paving the way for the rise in brick construction in Arizona. This also meant that they played a major role in the formulation of the Western Clay Products Association which still continues strong today. Summit Brick Company/Summit Brick are also long-time members and sponsors of the following industry organizations: Construction Specifications Institute, American Institute of Architects, Associated General Contractors – AZ and Arizona Masonry Guild.