Technical Data

The Nuance of Grout 

Dry Stack Joint is comprised of stones set very tight to each other with mortar used for leveling. Visible grout is minimal to non-existent, and stone shadows read stronger. 

Raked Standard Joint consists of stones set with relatively uniform joint width – or specified with a random joint width. Grout is recessed with a fairly consistent depth created by raking the joint with a tool or stick. 

Full Grout Joint has stone set with either uniform or random joint width. Its grout depth is nearly flush with the face of the stone without obscuring all of the stones’ edge detail. 

Overgrout Joint may appear similar to a Full Grout Joint but the grout is higher and obscures some of the edge detail. Stone faces can be left clean – or mortar-washed as heavily as desired.


Hatch Patterns

hatch board-form

Board Form

hatch rubble


hatch inner-piece

Inner Piece

hatch limestone


hatch river-ledge

River Ledge

hatch standard-ledge

Standard Ledge

hatch ledge


hatch farmhouse-ledge

Farmhouse Ledge

hatch urban-ledge

Urban Ledge





Crafted Masonry Veneer Brochure


Crafted Contemporary Brochure


Paint Grade Brick Block Brochure


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ICC Evaluation Service   ICC-ES Evaluation Report  ESR-3685                                                                               


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