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Brick is such a familiar medium used in architecture that the ability to change feel and appearance of a color is often overlooked.  A building’s unique character and subtle shadows can be achieved through various textures.  Summit Brick Company offers a wide variety of textures in many of the sizes and colors we offer.  The textures listed below are what we are able to manufacture and we also have the ability to apply many of these textures to our oversize and Uniwall (structural) units.  Please consult plant for availability of a texture, size and color combination.Available Clay Brick Textures:

  • Smooth
  • Smooth with Distressed Face
  • Grain (Velour, Wire Cut)
  • Grain with Distressed Face
  • Antique Tree Bark (Bark)
  • Vertical Scratch (Matt)
  • Brocade (Reverse Roll)
  • Slurry Sanded
  • Rockface (Select Modular Units Only)