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Summit Brick is a distributor for Superior Clay Products. Their durable ovens are shaped like an Eskimo igloos and come in three sizes.

Daniel Wing and Alan Scott have written a great book on bread making and oven building entitled “The Bread Builders”. It’s a definitive work, extensively researched and required reading for anyone planning to build a masonry oven or bake bread in one. Alan Scott was kind enough to help me with some questions I had in writing this article and by letting me use a couple of the pictures from his book.

Wing and Scott also explain how to build a fire in an oven. Start the fire under the flue in the front of the oven and gradually move the fire back into the center of the oven as you add fuel.

Cooking in Your Oven
Start the fire in the front of the oven. Add wood when the fire is burning well and let it burn all the way to the back of the oven. The oven needs to be hot enough – about 1,000 degrees F – which usually takes two or three hours. You can check with a thermometer. Or you can tell when it’s hot enough because the smoke and creosote has burned off the inside of the oven.

When the oven is ready, rake the coals to one side if you are making pizza. Rake the coals out and mop the oven with a damp towel if you are baking bread. Be sure to throw some corn meal on the oven floor and bake right on the hot firebrick.

Our thanks to Jim Buckley and Superior Clay Products for sharing their knowledge and photos of ovens.

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