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The use of brick in homes and living areas goes back to at least 179 BC in Mesopotamia. Not only was brick used, it still stands today! Let’s make your next project a historic site for the future.

Brick is made from sustainable materials and from recycled materials.

Brick itself can be recycled after a very, very long life cycle.  So as far as sustainability of “green” building, brick ranks high on the materials list.

Clay paversBrick also is high on the design list. There is an almost infinite selection of shapes and colors to choose from to make your project unique. You can express yourself and create a unique walkway, fireplace or other outdoor environment with the perfect brick.  Even the common BBQ grill rises to a design project when encased in a beautiful brick with an outstanding design.

Because clay brick is so color fast, you can match existing brick work years after it was installed when making a repair or when expanding with new areas.  This is especially important for homeowners and DIYers who may add features to their homes or yards over several years. Color fast brick allows you to expand while using the same brick color whether you are using the same shape or a new shape for a new addition.

You can experiment with different brick textures and even patterns on your brick projects. Phoenix Brick offerspaver03 professional guidance along with installation instructions.

One highly recommended way to improve the curb appeal of your home is to add brick features: walkway, driveway, fountain, columns, architectural details, patio, fireplace, BBQ or hundreds of other options. Brick gives a house a sense of home, of longevity, of value.